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Your future cashflow is now your cash.

A new way of financing

Transform your customers' subscriptions or recurring payments into liquidity for your business

The solution for subscription economies

With Levannta, you will have the ability to receive future cash flows generated by subscriptions or recurring income from your clients today. Levannta offers more than just working capital; it provides growth capital.

Take control of your cash flow

Sign up and access our platform to secure the essential capital needed for the ongoing growth of your business

Seamless Financing

We seamlessly integrate with your data and subscriptions in a simple and secure manner. On our platform, you’ll find all of your contracts, subscriptions, and agreements that you can access in advance, along with the terms that Levannta offers for you.

Decide how much you need and when you want it

From the total advance amount, you can choose the contracts you want. In other words, you don’t have to use the entire amount if you don’t need to. You determine the amount to be advanced, and the remaining funds will always be at your disposal.

No debt or dilution

Say goodbye to lengthy banking procedures and the restrictions of factoring. If your company operates on a subscription or recurring model, experience growth with Levannta.

Grow with us


Questions? Check out our FAQ section below for answers.

Levannta is a fintech company that empowers businesses with subscription and recurring models to proactively access their future cash flows, enabling them to secure liquidity and growth capital without incurring financial debt or dilution.

“It’s incredibly simple – we integrate with your financial information and subscription portfolio. Our automated systems provide you with an assessment, and based on that, we establish a capital line. Within this line, you can proactively access any future cash flows you need.

If your business operates on a subscription or recurring income model and you seek a financing solution that avoids debt, exorbitant rates, or dilution scenarios, Levannta is the answer.

Not at all! Factoring only advances invoices for services already rendered. In contrast, Levannta anticipates your income for the upcoming 12, 18 or 24 months, without requiring invoices. This means it’s not just about timely liquidity, but genuine growth capital for your business.

Levannta is ideal for businesses operating on membership or subscription models. Our clients span a wide range, from Software as a Service (SaaS) companies to various everyday businesses that share the same recurring concept—such as education, entertainment, supplies, deliveries, and many others.

No, we believe in you, and we understand the challenges companies face when raising capital. Here, we won’t burden you with the conventional constraints that other companies might impose.

No, with Levannta, we don’t disrupt your relationship with your clients. They continue to pay you, and you continue to provide the service. We function as an invisible growth partner in your business.

One of our primary benefits is our non-debt nature. We purchase credits arising from contracts with your clients at a discounted rate, ensuring that we don’t create financial debt for you.

Absolutely, we are fully complementary to any other financing options.

Becoming a Levannta customer is entirely free.

Simple – you can either replace it with another or choose to prepay if you prefer.

We invite you to be part of Levannta

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